Get paid for writing. Yeah right!

Well I’m wanting to warn others out there who think they want to get paid to write articles. I picked up on an article on BBC about websites that pay you to write. It’s a real can of worms.

The two I saw were Elance and Guru. I went through the long process of signing up. I sat proficiency tests in English, Creative writing and did well.

I uploaded photos and examples of my writing and then started applying for work. I got nowhere until I decided to put in a rock-bottom proposal to write 10 articles a day for $3 per article. I got the job.

The client didn’t want to talk on Elance only on Gtalk. He asked me to write him an article in 1 hour, on a strange new diet fad. I panicked and googled the title and ended up partly plagiarising an article, which of course this guy picked up on copyscape.

So then I rewrote it. My next two articles were all my writing, but I had to be on Gtalk constantly to get drip-fed article titles one at a time.I had assumed that I would be given ten articles to research and get to the client in 24 hours,

I then noticed that the end date of the job had been changed from Dec 14th to Jan 14th. the thought of being constantly on my laptop while this guy gave me hourly articles, was a scary one. I contacted the Elance helpdesk, but because I’d emailed on a Sunday it took them more than 24 hours to write back. In the meantime this guy kept popping up on Gtalk, asking me if I wanted a new article title.

I felt like I was being stalked and took him off my Gtalk list. I’ve now asked to withdraw from the job. Whether I get paid my measly $9 is irrelevant. I’m just relieved to be free.

So be careful out there. It sounds great being paid to write but make sure you get all the facts straight before you take on a job




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