A Farm called New Zealand.

So. Two long skinny islands and lots of small ones have just been taken over by the New Zealand political equivalent  of Animal Farm. Politicians, bloggers, journalists, businessmen, corporations, government departments, think-tanks, polling agencies,  spy agencies and all the myriad others who want to continue the system that enables the rich and powerful to stay that way, have triumphed.

The sheep and the hens, and the other animals who elected the Porkers into power, have either gone over to them, believed there was no alternative, or not voted at all out of hopelessness. If you can’t beat the rich and powerful, either join them, hope they know best, or give up.

How did Animal Farm end? The immortal words ‘all animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others’, is a clue.
After the animals rebelled and got democracy, it worked for a while, then the rich and powerful took charge, and in the end they replaced one set of masters for another.

And the poor old horse who did all the heavy lifting and manual labour, got sold to the knackers yard.


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