Do we admire bullies? I believe we do. There is a strong undercurrent in our society that excuses any behaviour as long as the protagonist is seen to come out as the ‘winner’. Therefore if you are rich, it doesn’t matter if you have lied and cheated to get your wealth. You ‘won’, because now you have the flash house, boat, and holiday home to prove it.
This also goes for those who boss us around. I recall an article surmising that many of those in authority may have sociopathic tendencies. I’m not surprised. Coming from the University of Life, I’ve met a few.
I’ve worked in shops, offices, banks, eateries, libraries and more. The banks were the worst. Shouting and using public derision to humiliate staff. Senior managers using stand over tactics to scare young staff from attending union meetings. Women refusing to flirt with men being ignored for promotion.
Then there’s the societally sanctioned bullying, like the beneficiary, the immigrant and ethnic bashing. We believe the falsehood that they are the ones who are holding society back and wrecking the economy. The hallmark of a bully is picking on people who are already down. Are they solely to blame for our high national debt? Of course not.
And so we tut-tut over the bullying cases that make the papers, while ignoring the elephant in the room. Our own preconceptions. We admire those who make it to the top, but the way that a lot of them got there is not pretty. And we don’t really care.


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