Just write It.

So really then it’s not that big a deal if you want to write. If you believe something to be true, then write it down. You have the hands, the mind, the pen.

Get out of your own way.

Set aside the ‘I’ (don’t feel like it, aren’t inspired, feel sick, too tired), and in the truly inspirational, small n for nike way, just do it. (Small n because they probably use slave labour).

It’s not how you feel. Or whether you have anything to say (one look at the online news should banish that). There is always another outrage. Another mega-bank fine for wrongdoing. Another child dying from poverty.

The global Mind that you are part of, wants to, needs to, express itself. From all our minds together comes freedom. Freedom of ideas. What if? How about? Could we try? Freedom of trying those ideas out to see if they work.

But it’s the words that shape the ideas and then shares them that count. And to create the words we have to write.


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