So the EU stands on the brink, they say. If Greece leaves, then the other ailing economies of the Eurozone will trot along behind them and default too. Maybe.

What we’re living with right now, in the enlightened? western world is not capitalism. It’s a bankocracy. Governments printing money and giving it to the banks to shower debtors with so they can buy houses, cars and stuff. So we can all keep thinking we’re okay and the world is still the same old safe one with its market is always right philosophy and will just keep on growing and making us richer and richer, and the banks can make ever bigger profits.


Behind the pretence is the real, cold, stark world of the working and non-working poor, living in damp unhealthy houses, filling their bellies with coke because milk costs too much, and dying because the doctor costs too much. And the world economy, which has gorged on the illusion of plenty and the magic of oil and the greed of people who might have shared, but didn’t, will totter on with increasing desperation, as the bankers and politicians redouble the speed of the printing presses.

Will the engines of the presses explode before the world economy does? Or will there be so much money that a wheelbarrow is needed for a loaf of bread? Whatever happens, let’s remember that it’s people who matter, money is just a means to an end. My thoughts are with the people of Greece.


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